I don't know about you, but I hate peoples who lies with fake videos such as miraculous free energy generators
But I love trolling these videos of comments who says it's fake.
That's why I created THE DEBUNKER BOT, a bot that find fake videos and automatically troll them of comments.
If you like this idea, you can Subscribe to our channels: The Debunker bot
The debunker secondary channel
The debunker third channel
Well, you could until June 8, 2024, when YouTube decided to ban these three accounts.
Sadly, The Debunker Bot is no longer with us.
I find it revolting that YouTube lets these million-view liars do their thing, but bans bots that try to rectify these scammers. So I'm launching the #bringDebunkerBack ! Comment it under these videos if you are with me !
These videos were commented but the comments are no longer on them: